Meet Our Staff


Denise Boksa – Jewelry Designer and Sales Consultant

windy-DeniseDenise has spent her entire working career in the jewelry industry. Denise’s many accomplishments include owning and managing her own jewelry store in Springfield IL for over 25 years prior to moving to Chicago.  She now has 38 years of experience and counting! Trained as a diamond cutter and a bench jeweler, Denise knows the finer points of jewelry design and manufacturing, and uses her creativity in every piece of jewelry that she works on. Denise has been trained as an expert in precious and semi-precious colored stones as well as pearls and is an expert in diamonds, hand engraving and all phases of jewelry repair.

Denisse Romo – Senior CAD designer

windy-DenisseDenisse has been working as a CAD designer for the past 15 years. As an expert in 3D design, she brings her vast experience to the table in helping to layout each design perfectly to create and capture exactly what our client’s desire in their custom designed piece of jewelry. Denisse is bi-lingual, Spanish and English, helping her to interface with all of our various Hispanic friends and workers.

Garry Zimmerman – Jewelry Designer and Diamond Consultant

windy-garryGarry has spent his entire working career, over 40 years, in the diamond and jewelry industry. Certified by the GIA as a Diamond grader and expert, he has traveled extensively around the world in search of the finest diamonds at the most competitive prices. Garry is a third generation diamond dealer, still working with his family in the diamond and jewelry industry and has been designing jewelry for over 25 years. Trained as a bench jeweler, his vast resume also includes working as a rough diamond marker, polished diamond sorter, diamond buyer, colored stone grader, wax carver and photographer in addition to designing jewelry.

Victor Gomez – Jewelry Designer and Sales Consultant

windy-VictorVictor has been working in the jewelry industry as a sales consultant and jewelry designer for the past 12 years. He truly enjoys working with people, sharing his knowledge about diamonds and jewelry, designing and helping to create the perfect piece of jewelry for his clients. Being Friendly, talkative, yet an excellent listener has helped catapult Victor to his well respected reputation for helping, designing and working with people in their quest for the perfect piece of jewelry. Victor is bi-lingual speaking both Spanish and English.

Deisy Romo – Manufacturing Supervisor

windy-DeisyDeisy has been working in the jewelry industry for 7 years, using her finely honed skills at managing our manufacturing department as well as being trained in fine jewelry quality control. Her very personable nature as well as her bi-lingual English and Spanish has helped her to coordinate with our Hispanic workers and customers. Deisy assures that every piece of jewelry has been thoroughly and properly checked to our very high standards of quality.

Abraham Gutierrez – Senior CAD Designer

windy-SergioAbraham has been trained as a bench jewelry, technical jewelry polisher, wax carver and jewelry designer, in addition to his expert skills as a CAD designer. Working in the jewelry industry for nearly 20 years, Abraham uses his many skills and creative talent to help create very unique computer animated designs. He completely understands design from the practical side, because of his days working as a bench jeweler, and from the design side, because of his days working as a wax carver, helping our clients to receive the perfect finished piece of jewelry. Abraham is also bi-lingual, Spanish and English.

Komal Dagaria – Jewelry Designer and Sales Consultant

Komal_05-17Growing up in her family’s diamond business in India has given Komal a fine appreciation and understanding of diamonds and jewelry. Komal is multi-lingual in Guajarati, Hindi and English, and she is extremely friendly and easy to speak with. Komal has extensive knowledge about diamonds, and enjoys using her creativity and refined eye to help our friends and clients to design the perfect piece of jewelry. Her creativity is exceptional and she thrives in helping all of her clients to make wise choices to last a life time.

 Diana Curry – Graduate Gemologist, Jewelry Designer, Sales Consultant.

Diana is a Graduate Gemologist and has been working in the diamond and jewelry industry for the past 20. Diana is an expert in diamonds and colored stones and is well versed in all phases of manufacturing.