At Windy City Diamonds, we pride ourselves in the quality of our service; not only the personal treatment you will receive when you walk through the door of our store, but also the superior service offered by our in-house Goldsmiths, jewelers and engravers.

In order to determine your ring side, we suggest coming in to see us for an exact measuring of your finger.  We take all the following factors into determining the correct size.  The size and shape of the ring, which finger they will wear the ring on , the size and shape of the person’s finger, the temperature of the hand and the size and shape of a person’s knuckle.

If you are trying to determine the size of someone’s finger you may use one of the options below.         

  1. Download and print the ring sizer (PDF Document)
  2. Determine a ring that the recipient is currently wearing on the finger that you are having the new ring adjusted to.  Place the ring on a piece of paper and trace the inner diameter (Finger side) of the ring.  This circle can be faxed or dropped off to us and we will be able to determine the size from this.


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