The Round Brilliant Diamond

The Round is the most popular shape of all diamonds commanding approximately 75% of all diamonds sold.  Due to the mechanics and geometry of this shape, it is generally thought to have superior brilliance and fire to that of all other fancy shapes.

Due to the round shapes popularity, there has been the highest amount of research done to perfect this cut.  Marcel Tolkowski developed the original version of ideal cut grades for rounds and for the most part, it is parameters that are still in use today, although these parameters have been modified as we have more advancements in technology, such as the use of lasers to cut a diamond, to be more precise than ever in creating the maximization of brilliance in a round diamond.

The round is commonly used for all types of jewelry and because it can be cut to virtually any size, it is not only a top pick for engagement rings, it is also the most common shape used for side and accent diamonds.  Whether it is earrings, pendants, bracelets or a ring, the round shape is a top choice!

Fortunately for you, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the most well respected independent diamond laboratory in the world, has set standards for how well a round diamond is cut, that most diamond dealers and jewelers worldwide follow..  The finer the cut of the round diamond, the greater the brilliance, fire and snap, crackle, pop you will see in the diamond.  This is what helps you to see the sparkle of a diamond from across the room!

The GIA cut grade scale is as follows;
Excellent,  Very Good,  Good,  Fair  and  Poor.

We have found that most people cannot see much of a difference between Excellent and Very Good, and sometimes we even have cut grades that are Good that look amazing to the eye.  At Windy City Diamonds, we do not show diamonds that are Fair or Poor in cut grade as most dealers do not want to own diamonds cut in this fashion so we will not recommend them to our guests, friends and clients.  

Ultimately, your eye will be the judge of what you love.  Once you find the diamond that your eye loves, don’t let it go.  You may think that there are plenty of round diamonds available, which is true in most instances, but no two diamonds are alike, and the brilliance will vary from one to the next.



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