The Pear Diamond

The Pear Shape is a wonderful tear drop shape that looks equally beautiful on the finger as well as on the neck.  This tear drop shape tends to add length to the finger and hand, which many people really enjoy, and it is visually appealing when it adds length to the neck as well.  Like many other fancy shapes, the pear shape comes in a variety of slim to wide cuts and has the added benefit of making the wearer’s finger appear longer and slimmer.

Pear Shapes

While the length to with ratio of a classic pear shape is 1.40:1 to 1.70:1, the wearer’s preferences as well as the location of the diamond may affect what determines a more desirable shape.  For example, longer, slimmer pear shapes may be more commonly found on earrings and pendants, somewhat rounder ones tend to look best as rings.

Pear Table

When shopping for a pear shaped diamond, we often tell people to picture a tear drop in their mind, and that will tell them the shape that they love, then let us at Windy City Diamond help you to locate that perfect diamond!



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