The Marquise Diamond

The Marquise shape is similar to that of a football, only ideally it will be a little longer in shape.  This cut is a unique combination of soft curves and sharp points.  The shape of the marquise cut diamond is very important and will vary slightly according to personal taste, but traditionally a length to width ratio between 1.75 - 2.15 in the ideal shape for a Marquise.

Marquise Table

One of the most important aspects of a Marquise is the symmetry.  The two end points should line up exactly and the arcs of the curves should be perfectly symmetrical.  Even a slight misalignment can make this shape look lop sided and be even more accentuated when the stone is mounted.

Marquise Diamonds

The marquise cut is known for having the largest crown (the top of the diamond) of all diamond shapes, so it is an excellent choice to maximize the perceived size of the stone.  Also, with the long slender shape of the marquise, they tend to add length to the finger and hand when worn in a ring. 
Also, when we set a marquise diamond, we want to protect the points of the diamond as they are the weakest spot, so we will traditionally set a marquise with ‘V’ capped style points.  At Windy City Diamonds we are here to help you to select the perfect diamond for you!



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