The Emerald Diamond

The Emerald Cut diamond is the ultimate classical cut that we all envision. Built in steps, rather than the faceting as seen in many other cuts of diamonds, it has the unique ability to create a “hall-of-mirrors” effect. While this style of cutting has less fire than many of the other cutting styles, its allure is in the very clean lines that make for a dramatic and elegant appeal to the eye.

Currently, no laboratory will tell you what the ideal proportions are for the Emerald Cut diamond, but there are a few parameters that you may follow to steer you in the right direction towards what will appeal the most to your eye.  The first thing that we look at is the length to width ratio, how long is the diamond, compared to how wide the diamond is. Length divided by Width = LW Ratio.  A classically cut Emerald Cut diamond will fall into the 1.40 – 1.50 ratio. If you picture in your head the shape of a box of match sticks, and you lop off the corners, that is what a well cut Emerald Cut diamond should look like.  Here is a visual idea of what these different ratio’s mean to you;

Emerald Cut ratiosB

The chart that we have devised below may help to give you a general guideline for evaluating the cut of an Emerald Cut diamond, although nothing works better than visually inspecting a diamond yourself to see what dimensions are most attractive to your eye, after all, it is your visual appeal that you will want to enjoy for many years after purchasing your Emerald Cut diamond.

Emerald Depths


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