The Cushion Diamond

The cushion cut diamonds combines the allure of a square cut diamond with the softness of the round to create an elegant pillow shape.  Originally based on the Old Mine Cut, the modern version has made quite the resurgence in popularity due to its wonderful brilliance and fire.
The standard for a cushion cut varies dramatically from more square versions to more rectangular versions.  There is also quite the range in appearance to this shape stemming from there being three distinctive pavilion facet arrangement patterns, and each one has its own unique look.


The chart that we have devised below may help to give you a general guideline for evaluating the cut of an Cushion Cut diamond, although nothing works better than visually inspecting a diamond yourself to see what dimensions are most attractive to your eye, after all, it is your visual appeal that you will want to enjoy for many years after purchasing your Cushion Cut diamond.

Cushion Ratios

When shopping for a cushion cut diamond it is best to keep an open mind and view a variety of diamonds to be sure that you love what you see.  Here at Windy City Diamonds, we are very particular about how the overall appearance of a Cushion cut diamond looks, and we always pre-screen these to bring you only finest in brilliance and fire, but remember,  when you see the one that you love, be sure not to let it get away!



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