How to Care for your Diamond Jewelry

w-diamondWith a little bit of care, your diamond jewelry will look fantastic for a lifetime.

You may bring your jewelry in to us at any time for a FREE cleaning** and inspection.

Between visits, you may clean your diamond jewelry on your own.  We recommend using any commercial jewelry cleaning solution and a small bristle brush such as a soft toothbrush.

A few words of advice, be sure to pull the stopper in the sink prior to cleaning your rings so that you will not drop them down the drain and be sure to rinse them off thoroughly to maintain the brilliance.

We recommend that you remove your rings prior to showering, swimming, cleaning, exercising, when doing rough work or when handling chemicals – including hair care products and perfume.

Store each piece of jewelry separately to avoid scratching your jewelry.

This Warranty is only for the benefit of the original purchaser or the original receiver of merchandise, in the case of a gift. It is NOT transferable to any other person.